Shoe Fitting

Golfers walk more miles than most and experts believe that 85% of players are wearing ill-fitting shoes.  Aside from the obvious comfort factors, ill-fitting shoes can also affect balance and stability in the swing and bio-mechanical problems in the ankle, legs or back.

Premium Golf Schools has teamed up with Profeet to offer customers an additional footwear service.

Profeet are the UK’s leading customized insole and sports footwear specialist. They use a unique footwear fitting process called the 3D Fit System that provide customers with the complete fitting process to achieve the ultimate custom-fit solution.  

Using the latest footwear technology, Profeet provides video gait analysis and manufactures customized insoles for footwear, whilst the customer waits.  The customized insole is then fitted to provide the correct level of support, protection and cushioning to stabilize your feet. This will minimize the risk of injury and increase comfort whilst on the golf course!

Profeet are launching a new footwear shop in Balham in south west London at the end of June.

Store locations are:

Profeet Fulham store: 592 Fulham Road, London, SW6 5NT

Profeet Balham store: 8B Balham Hill, London, SW12 9EA

It is an appointment based service, lasting approximately an hour. For more information call 0207 736 0046 or visit  for further information

By getting fitted at Profeet you can rest assured that everything has been done so that you can enjoy you sporting activity in comfort, with the knowledge that you are reducing the chance of injury and increasing performance.

For customers buying Ecco shoes through there is also a discount voucher available. Contact us for more information.

More information about Profeet:


1D - analysis
Profeet's 'state-of-the-art' foot-pressure mapping system and video-imaging software enables our technicians to build a 3D picture of how your foot performs dynamically during your sport or activity, we note its motion type, shape, and size.


2D - custom insoles
Our custom insoles are sports specific and moulded directly to the contours of your feet 'while-you-wait'. They are designed to cushion impact, stabilize and guide your foot whilst distributing pressure evenly during your chosen sport or activity.

3D - footwear
Profeet's footwear range has been selected on function and fit, not on fashion. Research undertaken by physiotherapists confirms that eighty five percent of active people are wearing the wrong footwear, and that over 60% percent of those can directly attribute that fact to lower limb injuries they receive. Information gathered during the 'analysis' will identify the right shoe with the correct fit and function for your needs - guaranteed!



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